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Thyroid cancer affects many individuals, including these celebrities who have gone through Thyroid cancer under a spotlight. Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara, an actress most well known by her role on the Modern Family TV show, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the young age of 28 and was still very early in her career as.. More

What Are Your Options After You’ve Been Denied Coverage? If you’ve been denied life insurance due to thyroid cancer, you still have options. Contact us to find out what those exact options for your unique case might be! Often, when a request for life insurance gets denied, it is due to a poorly presented offer.. More

Do you know that you might be able to convert your term life insurance policy into a permanent life insurance policy? Nearly all term life insurance policies come with an option to convert, the whole death benefit or a portion of it, to a permanent whole life or universal life policy. There is a multitude.. More

Did you know that there are approximately 16 health class ratings when life insurance companies rate you? You might fall into any of these health class ratings depending on a multitude of factors. Some of the factors that affect your health class rating are the type of your thyroid cancer you have, your height and.. More

Tests for Thyroid Cancer Thyroid cancer may be diagnosed after a person goes to a doctor because of symptoms, or it might be found during a routine physical exam. If there is a reason to suspect you might have thyroid cancer, your doctor will use one or more tests to further research your suspicions. Signs.. More

What Causes Thyroid Cancer? Thyroid cancer is linked with a number of inherited conditions, but the exact cause of most thyroid cancers has yet to be discovered. What we do know is that certain changes in a person’s DNA can cause thyroid cells to become cancerous. DNA is the chemical in each of our cells.. More

What is the difference between hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism?  First, they are the two main types of thyroid cancer that affect the population today. When the thyroid gland is underactive, it is called hypothyroidism. Commonly, hypothyroidism results in weight gain, a lethargic feeling, and increased susceptibility to cold.  When the thyroid is overactive, it is referred.. More

With no surprise, acquiring life insurance for a reasonable price is difficult if you have been afflicted with cancer in your past.  Even after waiting for extended periods of time after being cancer free getting the right policy for you is tricky.  The type, stage, and grade of the cancer prognosis that is unique to.. More

What is your Thyroid? Before diving into the details of obtaining life insurance when you are afflicted with thyroid cancer lets learn more about what your thyroid is. Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck.  The thyroid is one of your endocrine glands, which are responsible for producing hormones.  Thyroid hormones control the.. More